Sunday, May 12, 2013


In honor of Mother's Day...and Jacqueline

Take the high road
Keep your chin up
Brush your hair
Wash your elbows
Rise above it
Avoid gossip
Everyone has a story
Be kind
Lipstick is essential
Red isn’t good on everyone
Always serve dessert
Stand up straight
Be a stand out
Don’t sit on the bed
Pay attention to the unseen
There is a sixth sense
God is watching and watching over us
Keep your promises...
to yourself
and others
Give away clothes you don’t wear
Your best accessory is a smile
Make love while you can
Never give up
Have children
A little denial keeps us sane
There is beauty in everything
Everything has a place
Remember your roots, especially the French ones
Don’t dye your hair
Travel more
Be first class
Love up one side and down the other
Be with your babies
Marry for love
Don’t waste your time
Extend grace
Be graceful
Choose your words
Chew with your lips together
Hide some money
Open your heart
Close your mouth
Die with dignity
Attend funerals

Live with intention
You can do anything you set your mind to
You’re stronger than you think
Small people make big impressions
Life leaves when you least expect it
Go out in style
Create your own sense of style
Say something nice to everyone you meet
Make a beautiful picture out of you
Pretty is as pretty does
People are mostly good
Expect the best
Everyone has a story
Honor thy mother
Be an honorable mother
Cherish laughter
Burp out loud
Be a lady
Learn at least one dance step
Let him lead once in awhile
Pick up after yourself
Leave the room scented with your memory
Live lush
Be luscious
Entertain often
Keep a beautiful home
Everything matters
Good enough is NOT good enough
Do what you can yourself
You can do more than you ever thought possible
Stay in touch
Collect lovely people
Create lifelong friendships
Be a magnet
Be generous with your heart
Trust your daughter’s husband
Wear big jewelry
Always choose designer
Seduce the camera
Resist the temptation to pluck
Be surprising
Have a secret
Cry less for sorrow and more for joy
Laugh with your whole self
Make giving a common ritual
Collect recipes from your favorite friends
Handwrite your Christmas cards
Send thank you notes
Be grateful
Make the most of what you have
Remember where you come from
Be present
Wear the highest heels you can find
Be hip at any age
Don’t be afraid to cut your own hair
Be there
Develop a mean golf swing
Repeat yourself but only once
Pray again
Never give up
Give yourself
Play more
Pay attention
Give in
Make your own colors
Paint what you feel not what you see
There’s always more of you to give
Raise your own children
Be deliberate
Know what you believe
Know someone you’d die for
Tell them
Make scrapbooks
Serve tea
Dress up at every opportunity
Watch television less
Listen to music
Never forget a name
Eat small portions
Make a big impression
Don’t snack
Think less
Love more

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