Monday, February 10, 2014


From a very early age I realized that what surrounds you can have an impact on what’s inside of you. Even more powerful, what is inside of you can and should have a dramatic impact on how you live—Janene Kraft, Founder, Sanctuary Living.

Utilizing a multi-dimension artistic platform, Janene Kraft has dedicated the last 20 year to uncovering the inherent character of people and places to tell their stories, verbally and visually, creating lasting and powerful transformation.

Through her signature Environmental psychology, which focuses on how people manifest in and heal through their environments, Janene specializes in the creation of “total concept living” which convey a seamless identity from architecture to landscapes, interiors to experiences within.

Her work, which focuses on people-plus-place, has been featured in nationally-renowned publications and has contributed to the development of one-of-a-kind personal and public spaces throughout North America.

Through her signature Sanctuary Sessions, Janene leverages her writing, speaking, and producing expertise to create and moderate PEOPLE-CENTRIC focus groups which capture the essence of person to aid in the transformational process.

Through the Sanctuary Workshop, Janene invites clients to tell their stories, on stage, to inspire, entertain, and ultimately transform audiences.

The Sanctuary Living Studio is located in the heart of the Napa Valley, where the elemental aspects of healing are profound.

Real design integrates person with place— so that both are equally and elegantly represented and a sense of soul is captured and conveyed.

Five Mandates of Sanctuary Living
Intention is authentically captured
Sense of soul is felt
Real connection is experienced
The essence of people + place is conveyed
The visual narrative captures an accurate and artful representation